Online Shopping Bots For Your Assistance

Many people these days love to shop their clothes online. There are many online shopping sites which can provide you with many options and variety of clothing to choose from. So, if you have done online shopping then you must be aware of the online deals, coupons, and promotions that these online shopping websites offer to their customers. But it is difficult to compare the prices of same product over various shopping sites. Also, till the time you do your research, the product might get sold out completely and you are left with empty hands. To make your online shopping easy, you can use tucan studio designed bot that can help you in shopping your favorite clothes and other accessories with ease and quickly.

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This shopping bot is made available on both the platforms i.e., android version for smart phone users, and desktop version for laptop and PC users.

How it works?

You can install the app of this bot in your mobile. After installing the bot, you need to provide your desired shipping address and payment options to the bot because both these information will be used to process your order. The payment will be automatically made as you checkout and the goods will be delivered to your given shipping address. Then you need to provide the keyword to the bot so that it may spot those specific products with size and color. For example, 4 navy blue hoodies with XL size. The bot will search the shopping sites for this configuration and instantly shop the hoodies if it finds any matching to it. You can either make payment yourself manually or you can also activate the automatic checkout feature. Automatic feature will carry out the checkout process on its own and the payments will be made using the payment details that you have provided while signing up on the bot. This feature will surely help you save some time and energy so that you can focus on many other things rather than always keep on looking for products on various shopping sites. The goods and products will be delivered to your shipping address within a few days of shopping.