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Benefits of Using Student Response Systems and Why It Should Be Incorporated in the Classroom

It is still not widely used but it appears that there are few academic institutions making use of Student Response Systems (SRS) as part of their educational strategy. For instance, in University of Bristol, part of their support and training tools in Digital Education include SRS.

Different schools and universities incorporate SRS in many of their classes. Instructors use such systems in their lectures to keep the students engaged at all times. Through response devices, they require students to answer questions and give their feedback regarding the lesson being undertaken.

qt device

Benefits of SRS and the Different Clicker Devices

Clicker devices that can be used in different cases are QT, LT, LCD, Braille, and mobile phone. All devices except QT are mostly used in presentations wherein interaction demands responses for multiple-choice, true-or-false, and other standard types of questions. On the other hand, QT device would be most appropriate to use in almost all cases especially where feedbacks in forms of terminologies, phrases, or sentences are necessary. Since it is built with qwerty keyboard, typing answers tend to be a lot easier for most students.

Student Response System, or also known as Audience Response System in other context, entails many benefits to those who employ it. Most tools and applications have interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. They are also built to work in many different applications including Microsoft Office programs. Certain SRS applications may have specific technical features.

Today, not only the conventional SRS devices can be used in practicing this technology. Even the use of mobile phones as a clicker device is now possible. This makes it a definitely must-have in the classroom.