Benefits of Using Student Response Systems and Why It Should Be Incorporated in the Classroom

It is still not widely used but it appears that there are few academic institutions making use of Student Response Systems (SRS) as part of their educational strategy. For instance, in University of Bristol, part of their support and training tools in Digital Education include SRS.

Different schools and universities incorporate SRS in many of their classes. Instructors use such systems in their lectures to keep the students engaged at all times. Through response devices, they require students to answer questions and give their feedback regarding the lesson being undertaken.

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Benefits of SRS and the Different Clicker Devices

Clicker devices that can be used in different cases are QT, LT, LCD, Braille, and mobile phone. All devices except QT are mostly used in presentations wherein interaction demands responses for multiple-choice, true-or-false, and other standard types of questions. On the other hand, QT device would be most appropriate to use in almost all cases especially where feedbacks in forms of terminologies, phrases, or sentences are necessary. Since it is built with qwerty keyboard, typing answers tend to be a lot easier for most students.

Student Response System, or also known as Audience Response System in other context, entails many benefits to those who employ it. Most tools and applications have interfaces that are easy to use and navigate. They are also built to work in many different applications including Microsoft Office programs. Certain SRS applications may have specific technical features.

Today, not only the conventional SRS devices can be used in practicing this technology. Even the use of mobile phones as a clicker device is now possible. This makes it a definitely must-have in the classroom.

Aerial Filming Services To Ease The Work

Aerial filming services are widely used these days and are becoming popular with most of the people. First, aerial filming was just used in movies, but nowadays, it is being used in many things and for many purposes. Many businesses are using this service to produce the advertisement for their company. So, if you own a business and are planning to make an advertisement then you should take the services of professional drone filming companies. These drone filming companies can help you to get the video that you want. Some of the services provided by these companies are listed below.

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Plan your video: These drone filming companies can help you to plan your video for the advertisement. Many businessmen have no idea at what to film for their advertisement. The video should be produced in such a way that it increases the customer engagement, increases the sales conversion rate, improves the appeal of the brand, as well as provides a clear view of your idea and vision that you want to project. Real estate companies widely use drone filming to provide their customers with over all view of their project.

Better coverage of the layout: Ground camera provides you with limited view and coverage as the angle if view is straight. But with aerial filming, you get an elevated angle which can cover a wide area in a single shot. If you own a resort that is spread in a large area, then covering the resort in single frame is not easy with ground coverage. You got to take the services of aerial photography.

Affordable Website Traffic Services To Boost Your Business

The aim of website traffic services is to help the online business organizations and websites to get the high quality and desired traffic that is geographically targeted by them. This is a cheap and effective method to get the desired traffic of visitors as compared to other methods like banner advertisements and text advertisements. There are various companies and organizations that work to provide high quality targeted traffic to their customers at reasonable prices. Website owner can easily buy targeted traffic from the companies providing website traffic services.

Process of Traffic Generation

These companies have a large online advertising network. These networks consist of more than thousands of websites from all over the world and receive a huge number of visitors every day. What a website owner has to do is to provide the company with the URL of their site, their geographical target as well as language target. Based on these targets, the advertising site will send the traffic to the customer sites. Customers’ websites are presented as advertisements of full page therefore these companies do not require keywords, banners, links or any text for this purpose.

These online advertising networks are responsible for sending traffic to your website based on the information provided by you. When you make a purchase of the traffic from these companies, they will provide you with the amount of visitors as desired by you to your website. The visitors sent to your site will be according to the category that you have chosen. Once your website is active, they will present or display your website on their advertising network from where it will be visited by thousands of visitors.

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Online Shopping Bots For Your Assistance

Many people these days love to shop their clothes online. There are many online shopping sites which can provide you with many options and variety of clothing to choose from. So, if you have done online shopping then you must be aware of the online deals, coupons, and promotions that these online shopping websites offer to their customers. But it is difficult to compare the prices of same product over various shopping sites. Also, till the time you do your research, the product might get sold out completely and you are left with empty hands. To make your online shopping easy, you can use tucan studio designed bot that can help you in shopping your favorite clothes and other accessories with ease and quickly.

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This shopping bot is made available on both the platforms i.e., android version for smart phone users, and desktop version for laptop and PC users.

How it works?

You can install the app of this bot in your mobile. After installing the bot, you need to provide your desired shipping address and payment options to the bot because both these information will be used to process your order. The payment will be automatically made as you checkout and the goods will be delivered to your given shipping address. Then you need to provide the keyword to the bot so that it may spot those specific products with size and color. For example, 4 navy blue hoodies with XL size. The bot will search the shopping sites for this configuration and instantly shop the hoodies if it finds any matching to it. You can either make payment yourself manually or you can also activate the automatic checkout feature. Automatic feature will carry out the checkout process on its own and the payments will be made using the payment details that you have provided while signing up on the bot. This feature will surely help you save some time and energy so that you can focus on many other things rather than always keep on looking for products on various shopping sites. The goods and products will be delivered to your shipping address within a few days of shopping.